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«Styles come and go.

Good design is a language, not a style.»

Massimo Vignelli, Designer


where does art start?

where does design end?

when is something called architecture?

is design art or is art design or even architecture?



at the intersection of architecture, art and design

e v o q u e . p i c t u r e s


p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o

are dealing exactly with this question.



however, at the same time these pictures are simply just aesthetic objects

that appeal to you or not.


with which  e v o q u e . p i c t u r e s raisevthe next question.

is aesthetic in the eye of the beholder?



e v o q u e . p i c t u r e s  are an attempt to capture the elegancy, variety and emotion of a material used in architecture and building construction.



it is the aim of the pictures to make the beauty that surrounds us visible,

but beauty only exists if it is seen. 

for that are shown as simple, clear and pure objects so your focus is on the specific material and the emotion it creates is on you.

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