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We rent the space to designers, young artists, professionals, or any kind of creatives,

who generate and develop high-quality products, such as images, sculptures, objects or handcrafts.

Our space also welcomes events in the area of performing, such as, musicians, dancers

as well as public readings or any kind of presentations or workshops.



p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o space is rented under the following rate conditions.


  • 1 Day            CHF 250.-

  • 2 Days         CHF 500.-

  • 3-4 Days    CHF 750.-

  • 5-6 Days    CHF 900.-

  • 1 Week        CHF 1'000.-

  • 2 Weeks     CHF 1'500.-

Rates are expressed in swiss francs including taxes.

Discounts and special offers will be granted to young artists. Feel free to make your own proposal and we will take it into account.

If  p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o  is not the location where you see your art being exhibited, we are willing to support you in your search for a suitable location.

For tailor made requirements or further information do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or Phone.

We are already looking forward to host and support you.

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