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With these six steps, your POP-UP ART gallery will become the creative center of the scene!


1. the concept

The foundation of any good gallery is a unique idea that will help you stand out from the crowd. If you were born to create or perform, I invite you to come up with fresh ideas and present your artwork under a unique motto. Think about who you would like to reach and, under which concept your art idea could be summarized. With the right topic, your exhibition can be planned swiftly. So do not think it so hardly and let your creativity run free now!

2. the design

Your concept is in place, it is time for the implementation! Modern or vintage, colourful or simple, pompous or minimalistic - there are numerous options, but which one suits your style? Do not forget this is a POP-UP ART gallery. Which offers you significantly more freedom regarding the development your own personal ideas, than a traditional gallery. Take in account that you can play with the component of the limited opening time. This factor can be supported, for example, by a minimalistic facility. How about considering to combine your exhibition with workshops, public readings or small stalls to enhance the experience of your own gallery exhibition?

3. the location

Besides the idea of creating your POP-UP ART gallery, the space plays a major role. Don't limit your search to the classical gallery spaces. There are numerous locations which could be taken into account.  p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o offers you something else: An open space where every artist is welcome. As a plus we offer you an innovative way to stage your artwork in one of the coolest areas of the city. What sets us apart is THE WAY WE BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER!

If  p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o  is not the location where you see your art being exhibited, we are willing to support you in your search for a suitable location.


4. the promotion

The right advertising is the way to succeed with your POP-UP ART exhibition. It will always depend on your target group. Therefore, when planning your exhibition, think about who you want to reach and then decide for the right advertising channel. Social networks such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) are particularly successful in reaching many people, however, flyers and displayed advertising also helps to achieve the desired results. The main thing is: stay true to your style when designing!

5. the preparation

Since your POP-UP ART gallery is temporary, it makes little sense investing too much in decoration. Make a list of the required items long before the opening of your exhibition - from large decorative materials, displays and Co to nails and tools. Get them in advance in order to avoid falling into a hectic rush right before the opening. Start with the list with good time!


6. the right timing

Be careful not to run out of time when planning your exhibition. Start planning early enough and do not structure it too tightly, I suggest you adding one more day than the estimated as per my personal experience. If the schedule fits and if you manage to tick off all the points, in the given time, nothing stands in the way for the successful opening of your POP-UP ART gallery!



The  p a t r i c k s o n . s t u d i o  team will be more than happy to support you, through each step of your art Project, contact us and save yourself some time to focus on your current priorities. Regardless of what it is, just find the right concept and we will provide you with the right space and support for your exhibition. We look forward to your inquiry, and to assist you making it a reality, we are sure you will have lots of fun on the way of implementing your own POP-UP ART idea!

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